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After many years of struggling with mental health conditions like ADHD, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Depression, and Auditory Processing Disorder which made me feel miserably alone and completely cut off from the rest of the world, finally getting to a point in my life where I have managed to make peace with all the things that I cannot change. I have decided to put together this website in order to share bits of my journey together with valuable information that I have come across in my perpetual quest for better ways of managing my conditions in the hope that they might help other people feel less alone and navigate these turbid waters of mental health challenges more easily. It is also my wish to raise awareness among the general public regarding the high incidence of mental health conditions and the crippling effect they can have on human life so please if you find the content helpful don't hesitate to share.   


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        Why  Darkside of the Spirit? 


    Why such an unusual name for a spiritual Chanel?

    Because it is my firm belief that inner light can never be found without first facing the darkness and no healing process can start without first identifying, understanding and embracing our inner demons because more we fight against reality and refuse to accept their presence in our souls the more power they gain over our life and the more destructive they become.

As  Edmund Burke once said, “ The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. "And the same goes for our souls:  the only necessary condition for the rise of the darkness within, is for the awakened part: that part which  knows the higher truth and can help us find the way to do nothing thus allowing darkness to take control over our lives.

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