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Crystals and why make them your                     friends 

There’s a huge controversy regarding the healing powers of these beautiful stones in the world and while most of the spiritually inclined people would vouch for their metaphysical properties many others would consider such theories completely cut off from reality.

  Me personally despite my spiritual inclination don’t tend to support theories that I haven’t been testing for myself or that I don’t feel connected with in some way. Regarding the matter at hand in particular and my spiritual evolution in general the truth is that although I have been born with unusual sensitivities, I wasn’t always a huge fan of metaphysical theories and despite being at the same time intrinsically inclined towards finding out more about them and fascinated with the unlimited possibilities they would unveil I didn’t always find it easy to believe in their veracity.

Yet despite an almost crippling need for convincing physical proofs for anything, one of the traits that I have always found myself more at odds with was closed-mindedness so I have decided from a very young age that there was absolutely no harm in doing my own research regarding any theories that I would have wanted to believe in despite finding that challenging from a practical point of view.


I have been initially introduced to crystals a long time ago through my mother’s love for them but spirituality wasn’t really my thing at that time, and I only got excited with her gem gifts because I was taken with their beauty not because I truly believed in their magical powers so I have started wearing  natural stone jewellery strictly for embellishment  purposes.  

Soon enough though I have started to notice that I was feeling much more attracted to them than other kind of jewelleries even prettier or more valuable ones.

 There was a very natural feel to them and an attraction that went beyond my passion for beauty, something beyond : their patterns,  their textures,  and even their colours, something that would call me so soon I have actually read the book that  my mother had about their energies and properties wondering if there was any truth to  it, yet I wasn’t ready to answer that calling so I kept wearing some of them for their beauty kept some clusters abandoned in my drawers but that was all for quite a while.

Years later I got into one of the darkest periods of my life, my dark night of the soul, so dark and so deep that made death look like the only way out, things were very bad for me daily, yet I had this gorgeous turquoise set that my mother gave me and every time I would put it on, I could feel a different energy wave flooding my body.  I wish I could say it was a positive feeling but the truth is that most of the time that strange surge of energy would just completely throw me of balance, after feeling excited and positive for a while and managing to see so many possibilities and options for my life with unbelievable clarity, by the end of the day I would get so obsessed with my unmet potential that I would sink in the most horrible states of agitation mixed with unbearable pain and rebellion against the unfairness of life and my deep felt impotence.

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 This phenomenon repeating itself for quite a few times I finally decided to throw the beautiful jewelleries into a dark drawer refusing to touch them again for a very long time.  

Yet this was the very beginning of my return to spirituality, soon after that I started taking decision after decision that would completely change the trajectory of my life.

  Did it all started with those beautiful blue stones that I ended up fearing and almost wanted to throw away? 

I don’t believe so it started because it was the right moment maybe also because astrologically, I was going through my Saturn return so I was ready for it but that clarity over what I was meant to do, and to be, and how wasted my potential was, that would obsessively flood my being whenever I would wear those beautiful blue stones for a few hours. That almost unbearable need for change, that unbelievable surge of energy, which would completely shake my otherwise linear state of numbness and deep-felt sadness.

 That I believe it was the lightning bolt that struck the tower of outdated beliefs making me fall so deep that I finally had no other choice than getting up and trying to find the way out, a lightning bolt that came from an insignificant set of jewelleries. And that is the reason that I would absolutely recommend the use of crystals to anyone that feels all alone on its path lost and confused and in deep need for clarity and support but I would do this with a “ trigger warning”  I am absolutely  convinced  that the natural  energies of Crystals  are neither  malefic or negative in any way so  they couldn’t actually cause any kind of long term damage to our lives,  but I also believe that at certain moments  of our lives  we can become  so sensitive that even positive energies can throw us off balance and temporarily affect our being in negative ways. Therefore, I would never advice anyone to use any kind of spiritual tool without discernment and without first adhering to a testing approach.  We are all very different beings, and we have different live paths, experiences and energies so whatever works wonders for one might not work similarly for another so what I would advise is that instead of accepting without questioning the advice and opinions of another person no matter how successful or enlightened might be or might seem always do your own research, always try to tap into your own intuition and use your own power of discernment.

 If you want to give a try to Crystals do so in a mindful way, you can either read about them and pick one whose energy is supposed to be beneficial in whatever your situation is or go to a shop and choose the one that attracts you the most but whatever you do be mindful of the energies you feel coming from them and if there’s any negativity to it


Returning to my story it took me many years to get where I was supposed to and even more to return to my fascination with crystals and consciously try to make them my friends.


For the sake of research I will say though that the two times in my life when I started consciously, purposefully, almost continuously, wearing crystals were the moments in my life when I’ve been more successful not only in getting what I wanted but in  actually understanding who I was deep down inside, who I really wanted to be, and the moments when I found the most courage to walk on a path that my practical mind would have never allowed me to walk on. The path of spirituality,  of trust :  in life, in the divine, and in that higher purpose of the human existence,  that I’ve been obsessed with ever since childhood

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